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Our attorney’s lengthy multi decades of experience in handling complex family law matters at the trial and appellate level has made them experts in handling all matters of Estate Planning and Probate. 

The Dangers of Postponing the Creation of Your Will

Either you decide how your estate is handled upon your passing or the courts will decide. Unexpected, estranged family members can create chaos trying to steal the bulk of your estate from those who you wish to be the beneficiaries. 


Furthermore, beneficiaries may be forced to wait far longer than necessary before matters can be resolved. In some situations, they may become embroiled in disputes or litigation over the disposition of the estate. 


If you are a single parent, the courts will decide who will raise your children if something happens to you.

Most states have specific laws requiring anyone in possession of a will to file it as soon as possible. In the state of Florida, a will must be filed with the local circuit court within 10 days of learning about the death whether or not probate is necessary. During the same time as the filing, an application or petition to open probate of the estate.


In some places, it’s also required to record the death certificate as well.


The petition form and process may vary from state to state. In Florida, there is an option to accelerate the probate process with a Summary Administration if the estate is worth less than $75,000 or if the decedent has been deceased for more than two years.


Otherwise, a formal administration petition is filed.


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Mary H.


I was very nervous going to my appointment but the AAA Estate Planning Team put me at ease with their compassion and expertise. 


Robert M.


I want to thank the AAA Estate Planning Team for their assistance in helping us to achieve my Dad’s wishes. We know he would be so happy with the results of the Trust.


Connie S.


The AAA Estate Planning staff was exceptional and could not have made it any easier to understand how Wills and Estates work. They put everything in layman terms. I know peace of mind. I would highly recommend this team.


Scott J.

AAA Estate Planning handled my affairs at a very stressful and painful time in my life. Their team applied a level of competence and compassion to my situation that I will forever be grateful for.

Sarah L.

My wife and I retained the services of AAA Estate Planning following serious health complications of my mother. We had no idea how things worked. 

The peace of mind that AAA Estate Planning gave us was invaluable. It was very comforting to know that whatever came up, they would deal with it. In a time when emotions were fragile, and stress was high, having them in our corner made all the difference.

John and Brianna V.

Thank you to the team at AAA Estate Planning. You were invaluable in guiding us through the estate planning. You helped us to understand our options. It’s an overwhelming ordeal but anytime we had a question, you were there for us. I would highly recommend their team for any of your needs. Thank you again.


Jane H.

AAA Estate Planning Team pays attention to details…they are very caring and helpful for the client!...Knowledge 100%+


Hillary B.


AAA Estate Planning will meet all your needs to perfection!


Marcus and Beth C.


Caring, knowledgeable, answers questions promptly with clarity, compassion and accuracy. The AAA Estate Planning Team made us feel like they were a part of our family. I highly recommend!


John and Mary L


Our family had the good fortune to find AAA Estate Planning. They were invaluable in helping us set up our trust following an unexpected health crisis and realized we had nothing in place to protect our children. 


Julie T.


AAA Estate Planning is the BEST in the business. They  care, have tremendous knowledge in Estate Planning and are sincere true professionals. I would highly recommend them to do your Estate planning.


Tom Z.


After asking friends and consulting with various lawyers, I chose AAA Estate Planning to develop an Estate Plan that would address my particular needs in providing support for my family. In our discussions, I found their depth of knowledge and experience in Estate Planning invaluable in helping better define my goals and develop a plan that I am confident will provide the support I wanted to achieve. I found the AAA Estate Planning Team very easy to work with and I recommend their services without hesitation to anyone seeking the development of an Estate Plan to ensure the security and wellbeing of their family.

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